Drag Queen Enamel Pins? Yas, Hunty!

Sasha Velour Detox Drag Enamel Pins Sasha Velour Detox Drag Enamel Pins

Not only does True Metal Works support the LGBTQ community, we’ve also been lucky enough to work with a number of inspirational drag queens. As trend setters who aren’t afraid to get that coin, some of our favorite queens know that custom enamel pins make a great addition to online merch stores.

Creating custom enamel pins is an easy way to take a well-known, iconic image (um, hello Scarlet Envy) and bring it to the people who would love to take a piece of you home – your fans.

Take a look at a few of the top drag queen enamel pins that we’ve manufactured over the years.


Sasha Velour’s Rose Petal Reveal

If you’re a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, you know Sasha Velour’s rose reveal from the Season 9 finale! This enamel pin perfectly captured the moment the rose petals rained down from her snatched wig. Want to relive the moment? Click here to watch.

This pin a made with a beautiful 1.75″ with a dark nickel hard enamel. Two needles on the back keep things nicely in place.

Monét X Change’s Pussycat Wig Reveal


After RuPaul and the other judges repeatedly told her to wear something other than a pussycat wig, Monét X Change did the unexpected and wore not just one, but TWO, pussycat wigs during the All Stars 4 final lip sync. That do take nerve!

One of the hardest pins we’ve ever had to design. Hard enamel with silkscreen details for her eye shadow, lip shine. But the hard part was to create a lapel pin slider action that was solid and didn’t create a wiggle.

The Only Detox

Fan favorite and definitely one of the most creative queens in Drag Race her-story, Detox needed an iconic enamel pin to go with her iconic persona. We’ll never be over it, officially!

Another beautifully designed pin. Silkscreen blush and hair streaks, with glitter enamel lips. Beautiful like Detox.

Jan Sport (or just Jan, if you’re nasty)

Feel the JAN-tasy with this custom-made enamel pin from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 contestant Jan. Super cute and not at all tacky.

Scarlet Envy’s Signature Lewk

When you’ve got a lewk as instantly recognizable as THIS, it needs to be its own pin. Scarlet Envy made us all gag on her beauty (she’s very blessed, you know) with this stunning color block dress from Drag Race’s Season 11 promos.

Boulet Brothers “Monster of Rock”

If you haven’t watched the dragtastic Boulet Brothers on Netflix, you are missing out! Part punk rock, part horror show, and some of the most interesting drag around, Boulet Brother Dragula is a show you need to watch (and a pin you need to own)!

Jackie in a Bottle

Jackie Cox, aka The Persian Princess of Drag, stole hearts and snatched wigs on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12. She’s all Persian-ality, all the time!

Perfect mix of glitter filled background and clear single color blocked Jackie with silkscreened type. Come on, falling in love yet?

Aja the Kween

You can’t keep a good kween down! After being eliminated in Season 9 of Drag Race, Aja came back with a BAM in All Stars 3 (did you see their death drop in AS episode 1?!).

One of the earliest pins we’ve ever made for our Drag family, hard enamel, silk screened details and just pure kween!