Together we’ll break (key)chains of love!

At True Metal Works, we not only make cute hard and soft enamel pins, but we also make stylish enamel keychains.  The production process is generally the same and the pricing is just a shade more (as for the ring and assembly).  The benefit is you can provide an entirely new SKU to your online shop and re-introduce an already great selling graphic in a new medium.

To start the inspiration process, here are a selection of top 9 keychains we’ve made at your favorite locally ran pin manufacture: True Metal Works.


1. Good Witch / Bad Witch by Last Craft Designs

From the mystical dark arts, Last Craft Designs has been one of True Metal Works first customers.  Coming correct always with great artwork, this keychain is no different.  Clocking in 3mm thick, this double-sided gold plated hard enamel keychain shows both sides of your personality with a flick of the keys. Last Craft Designs has done extremely well with these keychains, and it’s been a staple of their collection for almost 2 years.


2. Luna Moth Keychain by Rose Pink Moon

This uber detailed solid silver and black hard enamel keychain has a balance like no other.  Extremely smooth finish with a head that doubles for keychain clasp.  Rose Pink Moon did a great job designing this keychain to encase the jump ring while keeping the design aesthetic.  With designs like this, the one lady show at Rose Pink Moon soon won’t be.


3.  Bean Size Bottle Opener by Messenger Coffee Co

Located in Kansas City, MO this coffee empire created this double-sided laser-etched antique brass keychain as a homage to the coffee bean gauge tools traditionally used to measure beans.  Measured at almost 6mm thick, this beast of a keychain, can open cold brew bottles along with their sister bottles consisting of barley and hops.


4.  Chicken Bone Nowison by Shake Junt

Known for creating their own slang (*chickenbone-nowison) and some of the best branding in skateboarding, this chicken bone Shake Junt bottle opener keychain was an immediate classic.  A double-sided hard enamel keychain with shiny silver plating features brand information on one side of the stick, while their iconic SJ branding is shown on the other.  A bottle can be opened from no matter which way you grab this drumstick.  Chomp!


5.  Baker Stacked Keychain by Baker Skateboards

The original bad-boy brand Baker Skateboards headed by legendary Andrew Reynolds has been one of the top brands in skateboarding for decades.  This one-sided soft enamel gold plated double jump ring keychain is needs nothing else.   Nuff said.


6.  BD Keychain by Black Dog Coffeehouse

You hear those dogs barking? A Kansas based coffee shop with a home town feel, brands their shops with an amazing canine theme.  Introducing the antique silver Black Dog Coffeehouse.  This keychain is veristle as this not only can be plated as seen above (antique silver) but also can be filled with enamel for various colors.  If you like dogs, why wouldn’t you like this keychain?


7.  Lucky Clover Keychain by CloverScout

Clover Scout is a Los Angeles based collaborative group between artists Ellen Surrey, Patrick Hruby, and Loris Lora.  Friends who design cute items much like this lucky charm keychain.  An entirely double-sided gold plated 4 leaf clover keychain is as lucky as they come.  With tiny highlights of color, they can easily change plating or color without any redesign.   And imagine you spent your entire life looking for a 4 leaf clover and it was right in front of you this entire time.


8.  VX1000 Bolt and Bottle Opener Keychain by Filmbot

Skateboard griptape company Filmbot Grip made these ultra-unique bolt and bottle opener keychain set.  They not only help set up your board, but they will help you open your bottle too.  Made with antique silver plating it gives that matte look, but with the darkened areas to showcase the linework.   Check out this funny Filmbot commercial if you have time.


9.  JVN Keychain by DooStuff

Can you believe?  Seriously.  JVN (aka Jonathan Van Ness) is a god among men and this dedication keychain is well deserved.  Designed with hard enamel glitter, shiny silver plating and includes pink screenprint verbiage.  When you add a keyring plus crab claw clasp it’s perfection.