Remake your enamel pin with a new metal plating twist.

So you’ve already made enamel lapel pins with us at True Metal Works and now it’s time want to make another batch. Though you’re thinking maybe you want to spice it up a bit. We’re here to give you a couple tips that might help. When you re-make pins with us after you’ve already created a mold, it’s just about half the price. Send us an email to see exactly how much. Onward to the tips:

1. Make color enamel changes.
The magic of a little color change, it can change the entire look of your enamel pin. See these lovely ladies below, I’d say the color change did the job.

(pin by Last Craft Designs)

2. Change the metal plating.
It’s the same concept as number 1 above, but now your changing your metal plating. Let’s say you have a major portion or even just a fine but noticeable line of your pin was gold plated. Now imagine, how would it look with shiny silver plating or even a dyed black plating? After you’ve mastered that concept, take it to the next step and change both the metal plating AND color enamel. Boom! Mind blown!

(pin by Bostpin Terrier)

3. Change it up with a hard enamel to a soft enamel or vice versa.
You can go from a hard enamel to a soft enamel to add a bit of a 3D feel, or click your pins up a notch and give them high end feel with a hard enamel, either way, it will give your pin a different feel then before, which might be all you need. Learn more about hard enamel and soft enamel.

(pin by Filmbot Grip)
If there is something you’d like us to explain, send us an email.
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